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Cohesion and Cooperation

Cooperation in the Greater Region (BE - LU - DE - FR)

The Interreg Greater Region programme has been supporting cross-border projects between Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and France for 30 years.
Our stand will showcase 2 currently supported projects:
1. POWDEREG: an ambitious research project on industrial powders managed by universities and industries in the Greater Region.
2. StrategiesExportViniGR: a project that promotes local wine export within the Greater Region by overcoming customs and excise-related obstacles, and develops wine tourism within the international Moselle Valley, with a focus on architecture.

Photos & video Territorial scope Prov. Liège, Prov. Luxembourg (BE), Trier, Saarland, Lorraine, Entire LUXEMBOURG Partners INTERREG V A Grande Région
Contact Maëlle BERTHELEMY
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